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We are aware of our responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility –
We take responsibility

We are aware of the responsibility a company of our size has - towards the environment and towards people. For this reason, we support many different ecological and social causes and regularly communicate what Schumacher Packaging Group is doing to fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibility.

For the environment

We secure the future –
energy and environmental management

We comply with the ISO 50001 standard

Just like many industrial production processes, the manufacture of packaging made of solid and corrugated board also requires a significant amount of energy. The less energy is required during production, the better. This applies from an ecological as well as an economic perspective. Since as early as 2014, Schumacher Packaging has therefore had its German sites certified in accordance with the ISO 50001 energy management standard.

We participate in the EMAS scheme

EMAS, an abbreviation of "Eco Management and Audit Scheme", is the name of a voluntary environmental management system as per Regulation (EC) No. 1221/2009 – which also contains the ISO 50001 certificate for energy management. We renew our EMAS certificate every year with new audits.

Steam turbine at the Schwarzenberg plant

We generate electricity – with steam

Since 2010, we have been operating a state-of-the-art steam turbine at our Schwarzenberg plant. The benefit: The steam, which we need to produce solid board, is now routed first through a turbine, where it is used to generate power. In this way, we increase the energy efficiency of solid board production while simultaneously reducing production costs. Since as far back as 2007 we have been operating a pulverised lignite combined heat and power plant in Schwarzenberg.

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We run our own logistics –
with no nitrogen oxides

Our own logistics fleet, with more than 200 lorries, has complied with the stringent new Euro-6 emissions standards for years. We use modern AdBlue technology. Using an additive in our lorries' diesel fuel allows us to use special SCR catalytic converters, which transform environmentally harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water.

We carry out checks –
Quality management

At Schumacher Packaging, we ensure the quality of the packaging we produce via consistent quality management. We integrate quality checks as an essential task for all employees involved in production processes. This provides reliability, reduces energy consumption and material usage and saves valuable resources. Schumacher Packaging is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system, the BRC Global Standard and the HACCP system for food safety.

For the people

Whether it's our employees, our partners or our customers, people are always at the heart of what we do. Issues such as providing a good education for young people and supporting social projects are very important to us. Schumacher Packaging has also been committed to supporting competitive sport for a long time.

Training of young people

We are creating tomorrow's

The Schumacher Packaging Group employs over 4,100 people at 29 European sites. We are currently training around 90 young people in a wide variety of professions. We offer our young people a high-quality, well-structured and comprehensive training while also offering individual support and development – with the majority aiming to continue their professional career in our dynamic and growing international family business.

We are committed to
social projects

Circus and acrobatics

The topic of communal projects has been of great importance to us from the outset, especially in the field of youth work. This includes giving children the opportunity to take part in cultural events, as often as possible.

Check for € 3000 for a social project

We support educational facilities, clubs and hospitals in our local regions with donations throughout the year.

Knights' castles made of corrugated board for children

In the summer of 2020, our management team arranged for the company to produce imposing knights' castles made of corrugated board and presented them to about 30 nursery schools in the Coburg region, to help take the children's minds off these strange Covid times. This caused huge excitement amongst the little knights and damsels!

Christmas parcel project "Love Box"

"Love Box" is a Christmas parcel project launched by volunteer helpers from Würzburg. The aim is to bring some Christmas joy to the less fortunate in society. Every year, Schumacher Packaging provides several thousands of boxes which are manufactured specifically for this cause.

We sponsor

Schumacher Packaging is also committed to sponsoring sports in the region, supporting a wide variety of sports and clubs.

Schumacher Packaging sponsors equestrian sports

Equestrian sport

Our company also has a long tradition of sponsoring show jumping and dressage. Senior Director, Wulf Schumacher, who passed away in 2017, was himself an enthusiastic rider in his youth and passed his passion on to the next generation. We therefore hold horse shows and support competitive athletes and local riding clubs.

Schumacher Packaging - sponsor sports in the region
Schumacher Packaging supports judo sport

Judo sport

From youth development through to the Olympic team - we also promote the sport of judo in many different ways. Due to the Schumacher family's personal involvement in judo, the company has long been a patron of the sport. We therefore support not only Bavarian judo clubs but also Post SV Bamberg, TSV Großhadern and TV Erlangen, along with Olympians and aspiring Olympians from Bavaria.

Schumacher Packaging - Sponsor Handball

Top-class sport

Last but not least, we also sponsor top-class sport: We are a partner of the HSC 2000 Coburg (2nd Handball Bundesliga) and the basketball teams BBC Coburg (2nd Basketball Bundesliga - BBL), Brose Bamberg and s.Oliver Würzburg (both BBL). We also support motor sport in the Upper Franconia region through sponsorship.

For even more detailed insights into our activities, please see our CSR brochure.

We make tomorrow
possible, today.


My name is Demetriusz Janowski, "Head of Sustainability & CSR" at Schumacher Packaging. Together with my team, I support the entire group of companies in all sustainability matters and work operationally with the relevant management positions at the Schumacher plants. The focus of our activities is the responsible treatment of the environment as well as our employees and business partners. If you have questions about economic, ecological and social aspects, you have come to the right place!