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Packaging for e-commerce –
Join with us to conquer online trading

From protecting goods and the environment, to transport and storage, right through to marketing and advertising – e-commerce depends heavily on packaging and its numerous features. What once served as simply a means of shipment and as protective casing, is now an important marketing tool.

Straightforward handling is a key requirement in online commerce – both during packing by dispatch staff and when the customer opens up the package. The packaging is the only physical contact between the consumer and the product or online retailer. Unboxing should therefore also be designed to be a positive experience. Sustainable packaging material such as cardboard and an attractive printed design help to inspire and engage e-commerce customers.

The perfect packaging - sustainable, stable, attractive

The perfect packaging fits perfectly, is sustainable and is used effectively as a marketing tool. Paper-based packaging can combine these requirements in a unique way. The natural product corrugated and solid board is made from renewable raw materials and has been a successful circular product for many years. Cardboard packages can be fully recycled - their recycling rate in Germany is almost 100 percent. They are also highly customizable - both in terms of packaging size and the design of the inside and outside for marketing purposes.

Shipping carton for food
Digital printing on recycled corrugated cardboard
Shipping box with adhesive closure
Height-adjustable shipping box
Corrugated and solid board mailing bags
Speedbox with automatic floor

Attractive unboxing increases brand value

The unboxing experience is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor: unboxing videos are increasingly going viral on social media because people feel the need to share positive experiences. Online retailers are therefore placing greater emphasis on designing their packaging attractively - both on the outside and inside. If the packaging is still intact, easy to open and the inside contains a goodie, a welcome or thank you card, the unboxing surprise is a perfect success.

Personalized packaging printing

Brown on the outside, WOW on the inside! Digitally printed packaging on both sides

Multi-colored inner print for personal customer approach

Multi-colored print images with picture motifs and illustrations using innovative digital printing

Personalized packaging printing

Tear strip, adhesive closure,
personalized digital print

From procurement and storage to packing and dispatch through to returns – packaging is a key factor in the supply chain and has a corresponding influence on online trade.

You want optimised handling in your packing station? You want to make it easier for your customers to open their package, with perforations and tear strips? You need a second adhesive seal for easy returns? And an eye-catching print image is another must? We can make the ideal solution for your business a reality – and in sustainable materials:

Barcode directly on the packaging
Trapezoidal poster roll
Safety lock
Flower packaging
Adhesive closure and tear-open perforation
Double adhesion closure

Optimised packaging ­solutions
along your entire ­value chain

We support you throughout the entire value chain with optimum transportation and packaging solutions:

  • sturdy paper and cardboard shipping bags
  • end-to-end tracking using barcodes, which we apply directly to the packaging
  • intelligent intralogistics solutions such as our Dumpholder for small and medium-sized parcels

The ideal packaging size - Stop Sending Air

The more complex the goods to be packaged, the more challenging it is to find the perfect solution. Mixed shopping baskets with products in different sizes and shapes, for example, cause problems. The same applies to large, bulky goods, such as those in the furniture industry. Endless corrugated cardboard or foldable cartons make it possible to pack such goods and baskets of goods according to size and requirements.

The basis for the development of customized packaging is the evaluation of a retailer's exact requirements based on its products, their dimensions and shipping frequencies. Start-ups such as our Swedish partner company Skrym offer software solutions that can be used to analyze the logistics processes of online retailers based on existing data and artificial intelligence - from ordering to packaging processes to delivery.

Read here how you can reduce your emissions and logistics costs by up to 15 percent - while maintaining the same packaging processes.

We are an APASS member
for packaging tests

As a member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network, Schumacher Packaging can help companies to design and test their product packaging in accordance with Amazon guidelines. We have been an Amazon Design Partner for Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) since 2012.

We carry out packaging tests in accordance with the Amazon standard. This benefits not least those companies that want to have large-format products, electronic devices or sensitive goods delivered to their customers by Amazon in accordance with the "Ships-in-Own-Container" (SIOC) model: directly in the product packaging, without additional repackaging.

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Our e-book provides you with extensive information about the special packaging requirements in the world of e-commerce and how you can ensure you meet them. You will discover interesting details about the benefits of your packaging in relation to marketing, with numerous practical examples and clear images, plus many tips and tricks for optimising your packaging requirements.
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My name is Bernd Köbler. As a specialist in all things e-commerce, my team and I will support you in all matters concerning sustainable and functional shipping boxes. We are the online packaging creators and unboxing experience givers of Schumacher Packaging. Get in touch with us – for your personal unboxing experience!