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Unpacking, re-packing, packing –
we pack a real punch

Repacking, wrapping, packing: 
We pack for you


Whether it's a special edition, on-pack advertising or a display, a secondary placement puts your products at centre stage, evokes emotions in the customer, creates incentives to buy and ultimately increases your sales. With us, you get everything from a single source – from the custom design right through to the fully assembled goods carrier at the POS. Benefit from our experience as a copacker and fulfilment specialist!

Copacking service provider with
highest quality standards

As a copacking service provider, we have a wealth of packaging expertise. Quality is the decisive criterion, especially when it comes to high-value goods and additional items or when complex displays have to be assembled and assembled from a few dozen parts.

As a certified co-packer, we work with our trained employees mainly manually - and thus achieve one hundred percent quality control.

For many specialty items, handling with machines is often not possible anyway. Repackaging to new container sizes is often commissioned from us and is also carried out carefully by hand.

It goes without saying that we also carry out quality checks in accordance with the acceptable quality limit (AQL). We subject the products to AQL spot checks, especially in incoming and outgoing goods. During the co-packing process, every component of the special edition is checked one hundred percent. By packing manually, we guarantee the control and quality of each individual product.

Our certifications

ISO 9001:2015

Standard for quality management systems. Our processes meet the requirements for providing products and services of sufficient quality - for environmentally friendly and sustainable production and for safety in logistics and recycling.

IFS Logistics 2.3

Guarantees the seamless safety of food and non-food products along the entire supply chain - for greater transparency and maximum quality and customer satisfaction.

Organic certification

We comply with the organic label guidelines for certified organic food throughout the entire fulfillment process - for the highest quality in packaging, repackaging and storage.

Trained employees + Handarbeit = 100% quality

Participation in the GS1 system for optimized
logistics and supply chains

The abbreviation GS1 stands for One Global System, One Global Solution and One Global Standard. GS1 is a network of not-for-profit organizations that develop, negotiate and maintain standards for cross-company processes.

The GS1 standards are valid worldwide. They form the basis for greater efficiency and transparency in logistics and thus ensure that the value chain becomes more transparent at all points. They help companies like us to track inventory, reduce waste and improve the customer experience, among other things.

We are the masters of
perfect timing

Let us produce your special editions and we will ensure everything runs seamlessly. We carefully coordinate the delivery of your products, add-on products and packaging featuring your chosen design, provide personnel for construction and assembly and organise logistics for you. Your complete displays, on-pack advertising or promotional packaging will be available at all your desired points of sale on the specified date – and you can sit back and watch your sales increase.

We design,
manufacture and equip everything according to your wishes

At our Lehrte, Breda and Nyrsko sites, we offer flexible, high-quality co-packing designed to suit you and your product. We provide advice, select the material, supply draft designs and sample packaging and assess whether they are technically feasible. As a full packaging service provider, we take care of all matters concerning your secondary placement, from the initial planning right through to the finished promotional product.

Your advantages
at a glance

  • Development, co-packing and logistics through to the POS
  • Certified according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Certified according to IFS Logistics
  • Customer-specific QS and AQL testing
  • Temperature-controlled logistics for foodstuffs/sensitive goods
  • Customs area for alcohol and dutiable goods
  • IT-based processes

We "co-pack" and supply everything
from a single source.


My name is Leena Gaebler. My team and I are the go-getters at Schumacher Packaging. We offer manual co-packing services from a single source. We are happy to tackle anything you need. We look forward to hearing from you.

Schumacher Packaging Services GmbH
Plant Lehrte
Everner Straße 30
31275 Lehrte