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Displays –
guaranteed success
at the POS

If you want customers to put your products in their baskets, they need to stand out at the POS. As a brand name, such displays will increase your turnover. Take advantage of the entire range of options for your promotional campaigns - from attractively printed standard displays, custom free-standing and counter displays to tailor-made special solutions. On request, we can even develop entire retail experiences and retail theatre for you.

Schumacher Animal Display - the perfect sales booster

Discover the new Schumacher Animal ¼ pallet display - the ideal solution for your product! Thanks to its modular design, it is versatile and offers you maximum flexibility.

Our standard display not only impresses with its practical handling and quick and easy assembly, but also with its attractive price. All components are made of high-quality, FSC®-certified corrugated cardboard and are fully recyclable.

The best thing about it? You can design the standard display entirely according to your own ideas! From the casing and individual front panels to the topper - there are no limits to your creativity. And all this from an order quantity of just 100 pieces!

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What's on

  • Decades of experience in the development and implementation of displays
  • In-house design team with great expertise and creative ideas
  • In-house production – from the initial idea through to the finished display
  • Europe's largest flatbed die-cutter for XXL installations
  • High-quality multi-pass digital printing up to 1,600 x 3,200 mm
  • Professional co-packing in the group of companies
  • Dispatch through to the POS

Excellent! Our Display Superstar Awards

The creatively designed candy-shaped packaging was worth a gold award to the jury at the Display Superstar Award 2023. The detailed, three-dimensionally arranged winter landscape, which is presented through a viewing window, consists of countless filigree individual parts. Their production was only possible digitally using the BEAM 2C laser die-cutter.

A bronze award went to the multifunctional experience display for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. The eye-catcher is an oversized, rotating whiskey bottle that is driven by an electric motor and shows the four types of whiskey one after the other. In addition, a built-in motion sensor activates the LED lighting in the logo as soon as you approach the display.

display world

Secondary placements are essential in today's marketing mix. Whether it's a free-standing display or counter display, standard version or special promotion – all varieties give you numerous advantages in terms of competitiveness, sales promotion and customer enthusiasm.

Floor displays –
Stand out at the POS

Our free-standing floor displays are the perfect backdrop for your product, turning the point of sale into somewhere special. Our expertise lets creativity run wild. We can turn your displays, secondary placements and promotional campaigns into something extraordinary.

Counter displays –
just pick it up

Whether it's a product launch or promotion - nothing catches the eye quite like a counter display. Our creative ideas create maximum brand impact in the smallest of spaces! Tailored specifically to your product and your advertising campaign, our counter displays become real eye-catchers at the POS.

Standard solutions –
small budget, huge impact

Our budget-friendly standard solutions are incredibly adaptable. You choose the print design and colours you desire. You can also select a range of accessories and custom options to create your own specific brand image.

Specials –
creating experiences

Whether life-size, three-dimensional, interactive or animated, whether for promotional campaigns, tasting booths, window dressing or special placements - we create tailor-made experiences for your professional brand presence. Sustainable materials such as corrugated board and cardboard unlock creative opportunities that are practically limitless.

Getting ahead, together –
support for start-ups

"The best results come from good partnerships", says Sebastian Stahl, Project Manager Digital Solutions at CHEP Deutschland GmbH. Find out more about our successful cooperation with CHEP Promotion World, which led to the creation of a display for the beverage manufacturer, djahé.

Co-packing –
Professional set-up and equipping of displays

To ensure that a secondary placement stands out to the buying public, brand manufacturers must tackle the entire process, from drafting to packaging right through to distribution. This requires perfectly coordinated logistics, sufficient storage space and, above all, more resources than for normal day-to-day business. However, the greatest challenge with a secondary placement lies in the interface between product, packaging and trade. Co-packing achieves this tricky balance.

Our Lehrte, Breda and Nyrsko sites offer flexible, high-quality co-packing solutions from a single source. We put your product, and its packaging, at centre stage.

Displays and promotional packaging –
download our e-book

Do you want to present the perfect brand image at the POS or draw the attention of the customers to your product with an original secondary placement? Our in-depth e-book "In first place with secondary placements" explains all the principles, aspects and contexts to consider. Download now!

With us, your secondary placement will be a real
eye-catcher at the POS.


We are Norman Schiffer and Christian Botsch. As part of the creative team in Breda, we are at your side as solution finders and wow-effect creators for customized and individual display ideas. Thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive know-how, we know how to skillfully place your products in the spotlight at the POS and thus generate decisive buying impulses. Make the most of all the possibilities with us!