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Customised digital printing –
the revolution in packaging printing

Schumacher Packaging is at the forefront of fast digital printing for corrugated board packaging with high-quality colour print images. We can split large print runs into partial series according to your needs and preferences – whether that's for seasonal or regional variations, or for specific events or target groups. Such customisation opens up entirely new potential in marketing.

Fast, colourful, sustainable –
ground-breaking advantages of digital printing

Digital printing for Katlenburger

Colourful print images that rival offset quality

Modern digital printing combines high speeds with first class, multicoloured print images that rival offset quality. We print with food-grade inks and finish your print image with partial or full-surface lacquer upon request.

Digital printing for Junique

Multicoloured printing on all materials

With digital printing we can for the first time print not only on white board grades but also on uncoated and brown outer surfaces as well as on single-face board - even multicoloured designs. This was not feasible with flexographic printing due to the high plate costs involved. Thanks to digital printing, you now have the best of both worlds - you respond to consumers' demands for sustainable packaging while still using an attractive, colourful design.

Digital printing data to print

The possibilities are endless

Digital printing allows you to make changes to your packaging design very quickly and easily. With data-to-print technology, we simply adapt the print data according to requirement. The costs and delays associated with new printing plates are a thing of the past thanks to digital printing.

Digital printing splitting for Wasa

Splitting quantities according to requirement

By dividing different print images among identical packages, we can split medium and large print runs into as many partial series as necessary – without producing unnecessary surplus.

Digital printing cliché

No printing blocks or plates required

Innovative digital printing is the most flexible and environmentally friendly printing process currently on the market. It requires no printing blocks or plates and prints exclusively with water-based, food-grade inks. This makes this digital printing technology significantly quicker and more environmentally friendly than flexographic printing.

New possibilities
and examples

Consecutive barcode on packaging

Consecutive barcode and QR code


  • The code is printed directly on the packaging
  • No need to stick on labels
  • Quicker and easier to handle
  • Result: up to 30 percent saving in costs and time
Packaging Stiebel Eltron

Needs-based production


  • All language versions can be printed in one print run
  • No need to stick on labels
  • Needs-based production without surplus
  • Changes to the print image can be implemented quickly and cheaply
Innovative packaging for coffee

Targeted campaigns at the POS


  • New flavours or campaigns can be printed along with standard varieties
  • Development of new target groups with special editions
  • Marketing campaigns for events can be produced cost-effectively

Brand building for the online retailer


  • Touchpoint packaging: Visually appealing box designs increase customer loyalty

  • Multicoloured internal printing for the ultimate unboxing experience

  • Additional brand building through the packaging


Packaging displays

New marketing potential


  • splitting print images allows several designs to be produced in one print run
  • seasonal display designs create new incentives to buy
  • campaigns can be implemented cost-effectively

Digital printing competence
@Schumacher Packaging

Schumacher Packaging is quite unique in the packaging industry for our range of multi-pass and single-pass digital printing machines. This allows us to print each lot digitally, from small quantities and samples to life-size displays through to large print runs.

High-speed digital printing
for medium and large print runs

We have been using the innovative single-pass digital printing technology for medium and large print runs on an industrial scale for years now, and have gained significant experience with this technology .
In single-pass digital printing, the quality of the paper does not play a major role. Even on coated white or brown grades and on single-face board, you are guaranteed to achieve high-quality print results with a modern, sustainable look.

RSR® printing technology

The RSR® process (roll to printed sheet in real time) from BHS Corrugated is radically different from all other digital printing solutions on the market, as the digital printing occurs at the same time as the production of corrugated board. As there is no postprint stage, the production of your packaging is quicker, more streamlined and therefore more sustainable.

Durst/KBA SPC 130

Our postprint digital printing machines from Durst/KBA print sheets up to a length of 2,600 mm with brilliant, multicoloured print images.

Digital printing for large-scale displays –
Onset X3

In our Breda plant, we have a state-of-the-art multi-pass digital printing machine for large-scale displays and promotions.

The machine processes solid board and corrugated board grades as well as our sturdy V-board up to a size of 1,600 x 2,300 mm.

Digital printing for small print runs –
Océ Arizona

With the Océ Arizona, we print samples, pilot runs and small print runs – and also produce full campaigns for your test markets or trade fairs.

We make custom solutions possible
with digital printing.

Jochen Drösel


My name is Jochen Drösel. My team and I are the people that make things happen at Schumacher Packaging. However unique your requirements, we create custom solutions, perfectly tailored to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!