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Claus is switching from the 190 mm plastic poultry tray to the eco-friendly HALOPACK from Schumacher Packaging

Frisch-Geflügel Claus introduces hybrid packaging with reduced plastic content


Ebersdorf bei Coburg, 19 May 2020 +++

Frisch-Geflügel Claus ( is the first poultry supplier in Germany to opt for the environmentally friendly HALOPACK modified atmosphere packaging from Schumacher Packaging. The Schumacher Packaging Group is one of the largest family-run manufacturers of corrugated and solid board packaging solutions ( Claus, a company that produces and supplies poultry meat, is abandoning the 190 mm plastic trays that have been the standard choice to date in favour of the innovative HALOPACK. This new, hybrid packaging manufactured by Schumacher Packaging consists of a cardboard tray that is lined with just a thin, gas-tight plastic film. The innovative concept reduces the plastic content of the modified-atmosphere packaging by around 80 per cent. Claus products in HALOPACK packaging recently made their first appearance on the market.

Carrier material is fully recyclable

"HALOPACK reduces the plastic content to just 20 per cent compared to the plastic trays that have been the standard choice for modified-atmosphere packaging to date," says Hendrik Schumacher, CEO at Schumacher Packaging. "To dispose of the packaging, consumers can simply tear out the film. The 100% recyclable cardboard tray then simply goes in the waste paper recycling bin, and the film can be placed in the yellow recycling bin."

Superior to conventional plastic trays even in function

Schumacher Packaging is delighted to be able to offer the HALOPACK tray in a 50 mm deep version of the popular 190 mm size. The reduced environmental impact is only one of the advantages of this new hybrid packaging. It also outperforms plastic trays when it comes to utility: It is completely safe, for example, to freeze meat in the packaging or - for the sake of convenience, to heat the HALOPACK and its contents in the microwave.

Innovation connects

Despite the current situation, the two companies - Claus and Schumacher Packaging - have been forging ahead with the development of innovative solutions and have put sustainability front and centre. Until now, Frisch-Geflügel Claus has been using the HALOPACK as an alternative to the prevalent 190 mm PP tray. The poultry producer is now planning to switch over to the sustainable, hybrid packaging concept for other packaging sizes too. The switch is made all the easier by the fact that there is no need for a change of packaging equipment to accommodate HALOPACKs – Claus can use its existing sealing machines to seal the new packaging without any issues. Similarly, the HALOPACK does not necessitate any changes to the existing packaging process.

No compromise on hygiene and sustainability

"The HALOPACK tray is a fully gas-tight MAP packaging solution that affords excellent shelf life for perishable foods, from poultry and other meat to ready meals", stresses Schumacher. Our sustainable hybrid packaging creates a more reliable grease and moisture barrier than conventional PP, PE and PET trays. The HALOPACK provides enhanced protection against environmental influences."

Attractive printing

The HALOPACK tray has no glued joints, the result of which is a continuous surface that is optimal for printing – both inside and outside. "Not only does the hybrid packaging combine sustainability with excellent utility and outstanding transportation properties, but it can also serve as an attractive advertising medium," says Schumacher. "Our high-quality offset printing makes the packaging highly appealing to buyers. We also have the flexibility to respond to the design requirements of our customer Frisch-Geflügel Claus as needed. Another point in its favour is that the cardboard is much more pleasant to the touch than plastic. The HALOPACK not only symbolises greater sustainability for customers – it also signifies better quality."