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Industry-leading environmental and social standards

From left to right: Hendrik Schumacher (Management), Mauren Stiegler (Quality Control - hygiene management), Orcun Sönmezgök (Management) and Volker Hummel (Plant Management) are delighted to receive the BRC certification for the factory in Forchheim.

Packaging manufacturer satisfies the highest hygiene and quality standards

Ebersdorf bei Coburg, 02 February 2021 +++ 

The Schumacher Packaging Group, one of the largest family-run manufacturers of corrugated and solid board packaging solutions (, has received the globally recognised BRC certificate for its plant in Forchheim. The certification of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) confirms that Schumacher Packaging's hygiene, quality and safety standards in the production of food packaging are at the highest international level. The BRC standards are determined by several retail chains as binding norms that are effective far beyond the UK. The packaging manufacturer underwent a comprehensive audit by TÜV Rheinland to receive the certificate. "We are proud to reinforce the trust of our customers with the successful BRC certification," says Managing Director Hendrik Schumacher. "At the same time, this strengthens our position as a packaging specialist, including in the food sector, and allows us to exploit a new customer base."

Passed the audit with huge success

With the certificate, valid from January 2021, Schumacher Packaging can now prove that the examined plant in Forchheim fully satisfies the specifications of the BRC and has passed the audit with huge success. The BRC certificate firstly documents the strict adherence to hygiene regulations intended to prevent the contamination of packaging materials for food. Secondly, it verifies the detailed documentation of packaging processes, complete traceability of materials and strict quality controls at Schumacher Packaging. "This is how we create the greatest possible transparency, which strengthens customer trust in the long term," explains Hendrik Schumacher.

Safe production of food packaging

The Forchheim plant laid the foundation for the safe production of food packaging as early as 2019. With the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification, Schumacher Packaging established a concept of measures for reducing risks in packaging production that can affect food purity. The recently acquired BRC certificate not only includes the HACCP concept, but supplements it with other aspects that are essential for manufacturing products that are safe and do not contravene food regulations. This includes specific requirements for the building (solidity, cleaning, etc.) and for staff behaviour (hygiene, work clothing, special training, etc.). This is how Schumacher Packaging ensures that the production of food packaging always satisfies the BRC standards.

The company's experience of new hygiene and safety regulations

"Especially at the start, employees in production were confronted with many new rules," explains Mauren Stiegler, who is responsible for quality assurance and hygiene management at the Forchheim plant and who has taken responsibility for the BRC certification project. "It's completely normal that anything new is initially viewed with a critical eye. Thanks to outstanding collaboration with the management – led by Mr Orcun Sönmezgök – and their understanding of the concept, the employees very quickly adopted the BRC specifications," praises Mauren Stiegler. "The fact that we were even able to realise the certification project in the last twelve months is thanks in no small part to our committed team."

Ambitious goals for the future

In the coming years, Schumacher Packaging plans to have further sites certified in line with the BRC. The management is currently considering which plants are suitable for this. Furthermore, the packaging manufacturer aspires to consistently receive a very good result in the annual BRC audit, consequently sustaining its high level in the long term. "Our goal for the future is to carry out an unannounced audit instead of the mandatory announced audit," says Mauren Stiegler. "This is the only way to receive the top grade. And that is what we are aiming for."

From left to right: Hendrik Schumacher (Management), Mauren Stiegler (Quality Control - hygiene management), Orcun Sönmezgök (Management) and Volker Hummel (Plant Management) are delighted to receive the BRC certification for the factory in Forchheim.