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Schumacher Packaging manufactures coronavirus partition walls with active virus protection – to facilitate the return to regular face-to-face teaching

EcoSafeBoard "Education Edition" instead of compulsory masks in the classroom

Ebersdorf bei Coburg, 13 August 2020 +++

Schumacher Pack Solution GmbH, a Schumacher Packaging Group company (, has further developed its innovative EcoSafeBoard sneeze guard, especially for use in schools and other educational establishments. The new "Education Edition" model is a partition wall with active virus protection. The antiviral coating on the board protects students from infecting each other by spreading droplets. The partition wall therefore supports the return to face-to-face teaching and avoids the need to wear masks during lessons, seminars and lectures. The protective coating contains a nano-silver active ingredient complex with a scientifically proven antimicrobial and antiviral effect, which has already been very successfully used in medical face masks. "Our EcoSafeBoard, 'Education Edition', can help to prevent unnecessary infection and thereby avoid another lockdown in schools", stresses Jochen Drösel, COS at Schumacher Packaging. "The partition wall not only provides comprehensive protection but also makes lessons a little more comfortable for pupils and students, as they don't have to wear a mask throughout their entire school day."

The EcoSafeBoard proves its worth

The original EcoSafeBoard model from Schumacher Pack Solution is now successfully in use with thousands of units in a wide variety of areas: in industry, service providers, catering and public institutions. The new model, EcoSafeBoard "Education Edition", now takes into account the special requirements of schools and other educational institutions, with an antiviral coating, a larger window and an adapted design that makes the boards easy to mount on school desks.

Increased safety through physical separation and active virus protection

"For the new model, we are working with the Bavarian ink and coating manufacturer, Epple Druckfarben AG, headquartered at Neusäß bei Augsburg", explains Leena Gaebler, managing director at Schumacher Pack Solution. "The development is based on a very specific request from the Bavarian Gymnasium Casimirianum school in Coburg. In line with their requirements, we developed the 'Education Edition', specifically adapted for the hygiene concept of the headmaster Burkhard Spachmann." The Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400 gloss finish includes an additive based on a special nanosilver-containing formulation with a specially activated active ingredient. The antimicrobial and antiviral effectiveness of the active ingredient has been proven. The elementary silver-nanoparticles that are firmly anchored in the varnish film release positively charged silver ions, which significantly reduce the number of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the varnish. The silver-nanoparticles can neither be released nor rubbed off from the dried varnish film. Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400 is also suitable for indirect food contact and therefore poses no danger to people or the environment.

Sustainable and cost-efficient

The window of the new "Education Edition" is again made of clear window film - but it is much larger than before. The larger window ensures excellent lighting conditions at all student workstations and also allows risk-free visual contact from a variety of perspectives, especially towards the teaching staff and the board. The frame is made of 100% recycled paper. The window film can also be removed easily and disposed of in the lightweight materials collection; the remaining parts of the partition wall are disposed of with the waste paper. "Our partition wall is a pragmatic, ecological alternative to plastic and glass", Drösel emphasises. "Besides, the EcoSafeBoard 'Education Edition' is much cheaper than conventional protective walls made of Plexiglas."

Can be used for almost any classroom and table type

The partition walls have a die-cut section to allow them to be firmly fixed to the school desks without a bulky supporting structure. For additional stability, they can be connected to the table legs using the existing perforations. EcoSafeBoard "Education Edition" can be used in the entire education sector, from schools and training centres to colleges, universities, vocational schools and tutoring institutions.

The proven EcoSafeBoard protects teaching staff

The original EcoSafeBoard is particularly well-suited for use on teachers' desks. The basic model EcoSafeBoard is also used in rooms furnished like lecture halls with continuous tables and tiered seating. Both versions, EcoSafeBoard and EcoSafeBoard "Education Edition", are now available in the Schumacher Pack Solution online shop under .