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Bringing joy to children in war-torn

Schumacher Packaging supports the "Love Box" gift campaign

Ebersdorf bei Coburg, 3 December 2019 +++

The Schumacher Packaging Group donated 8000 gift boxes for the Christmas campaign by the Würzburg-based "Love Box" initiative ( This year, the campaign seeks to bring joy to children in Syria – with material donations like toys, children's clothing and sweets as well as greetings and good wishes. The high-quality gift boxes donated by Schumacher Packaging with their cheerful Tigapigs designs serve as ideal packaging in which to send these.

"Love Box to Syria"

Several thousand packages travel to Syrian children to surprise them with toys, sweets and clothing: the "Love Box to Syria". The project is run by a volunteer team in Würzburg, who are organising the gift campaign for children in need for the third time this year. Each year the campaign supports a different aid project – with active help from companies, clubs and many, many private individuals. One of the donors this year is Schumacher Packaging. Over the summer, the company printed and delivered 8000 shipping boxes - colourful cardboard boxes with an adhesive closure for quick sealing and a perforated tearing strip for easy opening.

Quick to commit

"Love Box" founder Tobias Winkler had asked Schumacher Packaging only a few months prior whether the company would be prepared to support the campaign with 5500 gift boxes. The company immediately agreed to help. "Processing by Schumacher was absolutely seamless," reports Winkler. "Schumacher Packaging also quickly agreed to print a further 2500 boxes to meet the high demand without problems. We are very happy to receive such a generous donation, thanks to which we can now invest the money saved in printing and packaging costs at other points in the project."

Dedicated to people in need

Björn Schumacher, CEO of the packaging specialist based in Ebersdorf, Franconia, was happy to help. "Social commitment is simply part of what we do at Schumacher Packaging. And we really liked the idea behind 'Love Box to Syria', where private helpers and companies come together to bring joy to children in need. That is why we were more than happy to take part in the project."

Gifts that spark smiles

Gifts spark the most joy when you can tell that they come from the heart. "That is exactly what the pretty gift boxes from Schumacher Packaging convey," says Tobias Winkler and emphasises: "They underline that we don't just set out to help children in a material way, but we also want to make them happy – as much as circumstances permit." The gift packaging design also takes into account practical considerations: Donors simply indicate on the box what age range the gifts are suitable for and whether they are intended for a boy or girl. That means there is no need for the additional slips of paper normally required for campaigns such as this. In parallel to the gift campaign, the initiative is also collecting clothing as another way of supporting Syrian families in need.