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Flexible secondary placements for the PoS brand experience

Modular display solution as an attention-grabbing theme world

Let's be honest, who really wants to come second? Anyone entering a competition is looking to take first place. However, in the battle of the brands at the point of sale (POS), a second placement represents a great opportunity. By having stores place their products in a (second) prominent position, in addition to being displayed on standard shelves, brand manufacturers are able to utilise new communication channels and create unique shopping experiences. Schumacher Packaging & Display developed a particularly creative and flexible PoS display solution for Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG and its LEIBNIZ brand. The key success factor in this strategy was a promotional display that can be adapted to the respective secondary placement based on the individual size of a market. The best part: A modular system makes it possible to set up three theme worlds of different sizes – with photo wall and 3D topper.

A small city of skyscrapers is located right in the heart of a supermarket, measuring two metres long, almost a metre wide and guarded by the comic book heroes of the DC Justice League, as well as the DC Superhero Girls. In reality, the city is a large display from Schumacher Packaging, packaging specialist and expert in innovative display solutions. Producer of sweet pastry and baked goods Bahlsen is keen to use the theme world to promote its huge "Super Heroes" campaign for the LEIBNIZ brand – including points that purchasers can collect when buying eligible products. The display shows the biscuit brand's products from the campaign on eight covered CHEP quarter pallets. All around them are the DC Comic Heroes and right at the top, there is a 3D topper which draws the attention of customers to the campaign, even from a distance. The special feature: A life-size display, also developed and manufactured by Schumacher Packaging, acts as a photo wall.

Product packaging, display and printing – all from a single source

The idea for this theme world came from Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG and its agency. The subsequent implementation was carried out by Schumacher Packaging. The packaging specialist has maintained a successful relationship with Bahlsen for many years. Bahlsen was looking for a display expert to handle the Super Heroes theme world concept for the PoS. The company examined the proposals of various manufacturers before ultimately deciding to go with Schumacher Packaging & Display, the creative forge within the Schumacher Group in the Dutch city of Breda. "In the end, we realised that Schumacher Packaging was the right partner for this project," explains David Bendzko, Assistant PoS Activation Manager in the Shopper & Customer Marketing department at Bahlsen. "Our contacts at Schumacher Packaging quickly implemented our ideas in an initial white sample and then collaborated really well with our agency during the implementation phase."

One idea, three opportunities

The challenge for Schumacher Packaging with the Super Heroes theme world was not just to develop one display, but rather a total of three versions of different sizes. The idea here was to make shoppers at the PoS aware of the campaign and motivate them to spontaneously purchase the products – not least by offering them 360-degree access. In addition to this, Bahlsen was keen for the theme worlds to be quick and easy to set up on-site. The basic idea was therefore to use standard displays and develop a modular system the size of a CHEP quarter pallet, which is then supplemented with an eye-catching banderole, as well as a 3D topper that is supported by cardboard tubing. The individual elements can be put together in a modular fashion with two, four or eight display-CHEPs to form three promotional installations of different sizes. The special highlights of the theme world were a large 3D topper that could be seen from far away, as well as a life-size photo wall, which allows children to play the role of their favourite superheroes and have a souvenir photograph taken. Another key feature was to attach the collector booklet dispenser directly on the photo wall. The difficulty here was preventing the large displays from tipping over. "While working with the initial samples, we noticed that the photo wall was not stable enough, so Schumacher Packaging immediately sent us different solutions to try out," remembers Bendzko.

An exceptional brand experience

The individual elements of the various sizes of theme worlds were printed using the offset process. The display placement at the POS was as straightforward as planned. Bahlsen supplied the markets with the Chep pallets, including the promotional products and a package of display elements for the respective installation size. "We were delighted that Schumacher Packaging was able to implement all of our requirements, from development all the way to delivery, in the desired quality," stresses Bendzko. From Bahlsen's point of view, the theme worlds performed their task perfectly by appealing to shoppers' emotions, getting them excited about collecting all the items and increasing both the value and purchasing frequency of the campaign products. The aim was to create a special brand experience that rewards loyal customers, increases customer reach and thereby also generates added value for the respective retailer. "With the modular display solutions, Schumacher Packaging ensured that both retailers and shoppers were impressed on a market-by-market basis and thereby met our objective for the PoS," concludes Bendzko, who was responsible for the project.