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On course for success in pandemic times

Schumacher Packaging commissions a newly developed, highly efficient digital printing machine at the Greven site with the RSR® printer (RSR®: Roll to printed Sheet in Real Time) from BHS Corrugated. Modern high-performance digital printing is the most environmentally friendly printing process and the technology of the future for the entire industry. Thanks to its high printing speed of up to 300 metres per minute and the fully automated process sequence, productivity in the production of corrugated packaging can be significantly increased compared to the traditional process with flexographic printing. In addition, the printing phase precedes corrugated board production, which significantly reduces costs in the event of a misprint.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the e-commerce boom is booming - and Schumacher Packaging is able to serve the growing market despite global supply bottlenecks. As a result, the annual turnover can be increased to 857 million euros compared to the previous year.