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Gift packaging, natural single-face board in various shapes

We make your gifts more beautiful and more sustainable.

Spreading joy with sustainable gift giving - our gift packaging makes it easy. We manufacture primarily from natural materials and create packaging with modern designs - always top quality and at attractive prices. Be inspired and enchanted by our many packaging ideas.

Spring/Summer 2021

Spring/Summer 2021 packaging idea, Country and BBQ
Gift box, single-face board in olive and yellow with cup and teatime
Spring/Summer 2021 gift basket, rectangular, in yellow with organic tea
Spring/Summer 2021 gift basket, single-face board in yellow and turquoise with Gin and Tonic
Gift basket, printed, Frohe Ostern
Gift basket, single-face board, natural with coffee
Gift basket, mother's day, with hearts
Gift basket, single-face board, natural, Easter with wildberry cocktail
Gift bag with window in yellow
Catalogue, Schumacher Packaging Special Spring/Summer 2021

Our gift packaging for Spring/Summer is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable and therefore sits perfectly under the banner of sustainable production.

All designs combine true sustainability with high aesthetic standards: The Signed-by-Nature motif series is manufactured using environmentally friendly raw paper and printed using food-grade inks. This means we can create attractive gift packaging that is 100% natural.

Main catalogue 2021/2022

We make gift experiences unforgettable.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of sustainable gift packaging. Our specialists will be happy to provide you with extensive advice and prepare your custom offer upon request.