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Modernisation through motorisation

Kurt Schumacher originally made his customer visits within a radius of 15 to 20 kilometres around Ebersdorf on his bicycle, with the goods to be delivered on a trailer. He was considered an extremely thrifty man. But as early as 1949, the young company experienced its first decisive modernisation push: with the switch from a bicycle to a motorbike, affectionately known as a "Sachsla" in the vernacular. A short time later, the company even had its first car. This was an old DKW with a flatbed with a loading area built onto the rear half - a very modern concept from today's point of view. The successor to the DKW was then a "Tempo tricycle". This small van creates more jobs, because two additional helpers are needed for deliveries. Uphill, the small van still has to be pushed and also tends to tip over when cornering too briskly, so the three-man transport team present had to right it and reload it.